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Original canvas art vs art prints?…Seeing both through new eyes.

I’ve painted original paintings for years. I love the texture, the process and the haphazard finishing that gives them the ‘grittiness’ that is my style.

But what I’ve experienced more recently, is that a broad range of lovely Strut & Swagger Art fans, love the works but they’re just not accessible in price for some.

So I’m on the digital print art journey. Creating clones of the originals...

They’ll be limited to exclusive numbers, to maintain integrity and uniqueness and they’ll be printed on beautiful canvas or textured artist paper. They’ll lend themselves to creative framing options, and making them bespoke to someone’s personal or public space...

So why did it make me feel so dam uncomfortable?

Creative discomfort…

I struggled with this journey to art prints in the beginning. Feeling like the originals were staring down at me screwing up their noses in disgust…

But after a few months working experts in this field, and gaining inspiration from artists I follow who are further along on this journey, I started to gain a sense of comfort and now…. a truckload of excitement. Because these prints represent different pieces of art entirely.

The artist’s 2.0 toolkit…

These day’s an artist’s toolbox can be vast. If tangible and digital realms are explored, there are a myriad of amazing tools at one’s disposal to create new artworks using lighting, contrast and a variety of other digital magic. The originals get to ‘play’ a little, come to life in news ways…dance even J They get to adapt and change.

And if it’s your ‘bag’, original works can be completely created from scratch digitally.

So why do we torture ourselves?

As modern contemporary art creators we can embrace this opportunity, do away with ‘purist’ notions and take our work on a journey that can be both creatively and commercially rewarding.

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