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When I was young my currency was doing drawings for kids at school in exchange for marbles - when they were cool in the 80's. The artiste in me was alive and well.


But by the time I got to high school the expectation from my art teachers was to conform and paint still life and fruit...WTF.


When I left school I embarked on my own original art journey of African children, crazy colour palettes and random painting canvases like metal and gib board. Breaking down the conformity and allowing me to find my groove.


Fast-forward a few years and my paintings are now aptly named 'Statements'. I don't go easy on the brushes, I'm not afraid of black and every piece will leave you with a story and a bit more strength.


Bold colour. 

faces as the rough subject matter. a Struggle meets Spray paint. 


Inspo comes from street style, graffitti, design and industrial spaces. I respect those in the same realm such as Francois Nielly and my constant desire to bring a bit of attitude to this place. 

My paintings are unapologetic and I hope you enjoy them. 



S&S xxx

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